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Bon-Ton started out in 1898 as a millinery and dry goods store in Pennsylvania. Since then, it has expanded across the northern United States, dipping somewhat into the Midwestern states, making a name for itself in fashion and housewares.

Max Grumbacher and his father, Samuel, started the Bon-Ton business, and today, it is in its fourth generation of Grumbacher ownership. Expansion of the store began in 1946, after many years of making certain the Bon-Ton name became synonymous with excellent customer service and affordable fashion. Moving in hops and bounds, the company spread slowly, but surely, through the U.S. Maryland and West Virginia were the first states outside of Pennsylvania, but the 1980s were filled with expansions and stretches to other territory. Maxwell’s was established, and furniture stores were taken into the fold during this time, as well. By 1985, the company had stretched eleven stores across four states.

The next ten years saw a lot more expansions and several big expenses for Bon-Ton. They bought a chain of stores, moved their business into New York, and bought the 127-year-old Adam, Meldrum, and Anderson Department Stores chains for a whopping $46.2 million. Today, Bon-Ton operate 275 stores in twenty-six states, and own/operate another six chains throughout the U.S.

From its inception, Bon-Ton has been a popular name in retail and with good reason. Their furniture stores attest to the variety of product they offer, and their success at doing so, while the quality of their goods have never wavered. Surviving two wars and a depression, Bon-Ton is still a strong leader in the retail industry of the Northern United States today.

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