Boots began in Nottingham as a small, herbal medicine shop in 1849. Since then, it has branched out into many different avenues. Drug manufacturing and development (they created the Ibuprofen painkiller in the 1960s), bicycle and car parts in 1991, dentistry and home furnishings in 1998, and a plethora of wellbeing services in the next few years.

Though Boots has since discontinued several of their branching out ideas, they have remained a huge chain in the United Kingdom. In 2012, Walgreens announced that they would buy a 45% stake in Alliance Boots, the holding company of the Boots chain. That was increased to a total merger, forming the new holding company Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc. This company has since spread across the United States and Europe, delivering great deals and wonderful care to all of their consumers.

Boots stores can be found in most high streets, airport terminals, and shopping centers in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Though these stores offer optician and hearing care services, their main focus is on pharmacy, health, and beauty. It’s no wonder, then, that Clinique is one of the brands with which they do so many sales. Clinique has long been focused on the health of their clients’ skin, and the beauty aspect is more than obvious to anyone who has ever shopped Clinique. is another participant in the amazing Clinique Bonus Time events.

Boots has always offered their customers the best in health and beauty – both in their stores and online, and now, you can receive the same great benefits of Clinique’s products, Boot’s customer service, and the fantastic bonus of free gifts with your purchases when you shop Clinique Bonus Times at Boots.

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