Dillard’s has been focused on three things since William Dillard founded the store in 1938 with borrowed money from his father: acquisition, expansion, and marketing. The combination of sound selling methods, attention to detail, hard work, and excellent staff have proven to be effective in keeping Dillard’s good name throughout the years and maintaining a strong, loyal customer base. Today, there are 300 Dillard’s stores and twenty clearance centers spanning across twenty-nine states plus www.dillards.com. Annual sales consistently exceed $6.5 billion, and it’s easy to see why. Dillard’s offers its customers fashionable clothing, home living, and top-notch healthy and beauty care while still providing incredible values and impeccable customer care, and their success is obvious by the long chain of stores across the United States.

As well as being convenient, Dillard’s offers some of the best Clinique deals around, particularly where their gift sets are concerned. Priced at special values, you can easily get all the things you need, want, and snag something for your friend, lover, or family member.

Dillard’s sells fantastic Lancôme products at great values, too, and they often have amazing Bonus Time events!

Browsing through Dillard’s products, it is easy to see why their name has become synonymous with excellence. All the Clinique items are priced fairly, and with the comfort of online shopping via their website, getting the bonus gifts has never been easier. Similarly, visiting the nearest Dillard’s store, or calling on the phone, is just as simple. Shipping over $100 is free, and the employees are always friendly. Plus, with us, you’ll go in already knowing exactly what you need to get in order to acquire your free Clinique Bonus Time gift!

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