Estee Lauder’s first interest in skin care came from her uncle. While her father worked at a hardware store, her uncle was a chemist and taught her many things about cleaning her face. One was to use oil, not harsh soaps. He also gave her the face cream that sparked her entire line of products. It was a cream that she said was velvety-soft, made you smell sweet, feel like silk, and all imperfections were gone that very night. It gave her the first glimpse into something beautiful, something that had the power to create beauty, and from then on, she was hooked in the business.

When Estee was in her favorite hair salon, one of the workers commented on how young and beautiful her skin was. Immediately, she pounced on the idea of sharing the product, and it was a quick success. The cream did wonders to all the women’s skin, and her business took off. As her orders increased, and more and more people wanted her fantastic face cream, Estee began to market things a little bit better. New, more beautiful packaging was instated, and sales only kept going up.

After her “millionth” request, Estee garnered the attention of Robert Fisk, the cosmetics buyer for Saks Fifth Avenue, and he made an order of $800 worth of product. That was the first time Estee introduced the “gift with purchase” option. For every purchase, she gave her customers a cream-based powder. Ever since then, the industry has been on the heels of such an idea.

Today, free gifts are still one of Estee Lauder’s staple attributes, and there are absolutely no strings attached. If you buy the specified amount of product, you’ll automatically qualify for your free gift! The gifts are available throughout the year, and we’ll always keep you informed with the most up-to-date deals.

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