In 1837, Holt Renfrew began as a quaint, modest hat shop in Quebec City. The shop did relatively decent business, finding a larger market in both North America and Europe as time passed. By the middle of the nineteenth century, Holt Renfrew had even gone so far as to sell furs, hats, and accessories to royalty. Her Majesty Queen Victoria named them “Furriers in Ordinary,” quite a prestigious honor, particularly for a shop with such humble beginnings.

Expansion began in 1889, and since then, the store has grown all across Canada, making a name for themselves in haute couture and luxury, designer retail. A partnership with Dior sealed the company’s namesake in the fashion industry, and that is a reputation that has persisted to this day.

Holt Renfrew describe themselves as being “a national retail specialty store of international renown and the headquarters for the world’s most prestigious brands and innovative designers,” and that seems to be the popular opinion among fashion-followers all over the world. There are currently seven stores across Canada, three of which contain a Holt’s café inside – a diner that caters fine food and drink to customers, including a special bread dish flown in from Paris, France directly to the stores.

With 177 years of retail expertise and fashion pioneering, complete with unique designer products and a premier, luxury men’s line, it’s no contest that Holt Renfrew is an incredible company with an eye for pleasing their customers. They offer the very best of retail, and we’re here to show you their deals on Clinique beauty products.

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