“Never knowingly undersold.” That is John Lewis’ slogan, and it is the best example of how they view their business and the relationship with their customers. This is an ideal that has existed since the company’s inception in 1864. Back then, being only a draper shop, John Lewis was much, much smaller than it is today, but as time passed, and key landmarks in their history occurred – the publishing of the Gazette magazine, the creation of the John Lewis Partnership, and the extension of the store outside of London – the brand began to grow more and more popular throughout the United Kingdom.

John Lewis was one of the first companies to close on Monday to give their staff a full, two-day weekend, and they were the first store in the UK to participate in central buying, meaning they began to market their very own brands to increase their power in the retail market and drive up sales. It worked, too. Consumers began to realize just how fantastic these products were, and since John Lewis was not to be undersold, amazing prices went hand in hand with their awesome shopping experience and top-quality merchandise.

The original shop is still their flagship location on Oxford Street, and many renovations and improvements have been made to the other stores, and the brand itself, in recent years to make shopping there an even more pleasant experience. As of June last year, there were forty-two John Lewis stores throughout England, Scotland, and Wales.

John Lewis stores have a reputation for being the best at what they do and what they sell, and with their company having three separate Royal Warrants, it’s not a surprise that they are so popular. Not being undersold is a hefty policy to carry, but they do it well, and so it should be expected that they have incredible deals and offers for their customers. Clinique Bonus Times are just a few of the many exciting ways to save money with John Lewis, and they are some of the most fun.

Getting free things is wonderful, and getting free things that you know are going to be of the highest quality is even better. Shopping Clinique at John Lewis is a surefire way to get the perfect products and the best deals.

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