If it wasn’t for “bad business judgment,” Neiman Marcus wouldn’t even exist today, because the original founders, Herbert Marcus Sr., Carrie Marcus Neiman, and A.L. Neiman, rejected the offer to invest in what would become Coca-Cola and opted for opening a retail store in Texas back in 1907. The level of fashion and prestige that the apparel in the store offered had never been seen in Texas, and profits came in almost immediately as oil-rich Texans wanted to show off their wealth even more than they already were.

Offering flattering and high-fashion items to their clients was a staple in Neiman Marcus’ history, and it is a tradition they continue to this day. They’ve survived two, huge fires that nearly destroyed them in the beginning, and made it through the depression with aplomb. They even offered less expensive clothing lines during the tough economic times, so those customers that could no longer afford the pricier items could still shop at their favorite store.

Neiman Marcus has always had extravagant marketing efforts. Between the annual events, galas, famous visitors, portraits, and even inspiring a rising interest in art by taking famous paintings and using the colors within to create vibrant dyes for new clothing lines, they have put their fingerprints all over retail history, changing the industry into what we know it as today.

Several things set Neiman Marcus apart from their competitors, but the two things that most show their steadfastness and dedication are that their name has never changed from its first title, and their headquarters are still in their original city. They specialize in apparel, accessories, jewelry, decorative home products, and beauty. There are currently forty-one stores across the United States, with an abundance of clearance centers and outlets, as well.

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