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Sears’ history is rich in satisfied customers, successful campaigns, and they have one of the best reputations in the business for giving their consumers just what they want. Beginning in 1886 as a single man selling wrist watches, it has grown to one of the largest department stores across the nation with some of the highest sale rates.

Richard Warren Sears had the genius idea of selling wrist watches through a catalog. This is when the Sears’ idea of catering to every customer came to be. Stores at the time had very few options for farmers, and farming was a way of life for many people. Because of this, Sears decided to come out with a catalog of fixed prices for items that Americans needed, both on the farm and in their homes. This was a huge success. The first catalog was published in 1888, and by 1895, the catalog was 532 pages long and sales were shooting up to $750,000 a year. In that time, that was an even bigger sum than it is now!

Sears’ pioneering attitude went straight through two depressions – Richard even bailed his company out with $21 million of his own money. Dedication to their business and to their customers has set Sears apart for many years. They were the first to really cater to men in ways other than fashion, supplying tools to their department stores and giving their customers more freedom to shop without the aid of a clerk always at their heel.

Since its inception, Sears has been about benefiting the modern consumer. Once upon a time, that meant farming equipment and a catalog that let families sit together and make up stories about models’ lives, fantasize about the things they wanted, and spend quality time with each other. Today, Sears Holdings has the same values, but they are implemented in slightly different ways. Catalogs may have fallen out of style, but the fair, fixed prices have not changed, and the customer-oriented way of shopping is still very much intact.

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