“5 Great Names. 1 Great Concept.” That’s the core of what Stage Stores Inc. is all about. They believe in serving their consumers with basic and fashionable brand name merchandise. They carry the things that other retailers in the same areas typically don’t carry, and they focus on small and mid-sized markets, because they believe they are under-served. They reach out to all sorts of consumers this way, and their wide variety and excellent service are legendary among shoppers all over.

Starting in the 1920s as just Palais Royal and Bealls, Stage Stores quickly grew, expanded, and acquired dozens of other stores in several, Western states. In 1996, the 157-store chain publicly became known as Stage Store, Inc. Today, they have over 900 stores in forty different states across the U.S. Going from two, small, family-owned stores to $1.6 billion in sales proves just how incredible these businesses are. Twenty-nine new stores were opened in 2013, alone, showing that Stage Stores Inc. is always expanding and improving.

Palais Royal. Founded in 1921 by Isadore Erlich in Louisiana, Palais Royal has a history of being handed from one person to another. When Isadore passed in 1968, his wife, Moselle Erlich, took over the presidency, only to give the spot to Bernard Fuchs in 1979, who then sold the store to Wellan’s of Louisiana in 1985. In 1989, the store was sold again to Stage Stores, who has kept a hold of the company up to the present. Palais Royal specializes in retailing much-desired brands at decent prices. They sell apparel, accessories, cosmetics, footwear, and housewares, and even have a few of their own brands: Valerie Stevens, Sun River, Rustic Blue, Signature Studio, and Wishful Park.

Bealls. Brothers Archie and Robbie Bealls opened the first Beall store in Henderson, Texas in 1923. The second was opened three years later, and the third a year after that. There were seven stores by 1930, and five years later, they moved the main office to Jacksonville. Bealls had grown to fifteen stores by 1940, and acquired another four during World War II. By 1957, there were thirty-eight locations. The total store count reached sixty in 1972, and they extended out of their home state at this point, expanding into Oklahoma. This pattern of expansion and growth continued on all through the 80’s as more and more stores were bought and brought into the fold. In the late 1980’s, Bealls was merged with Palais Royal, and Specialty Retailers, Inc. was formed, which became – you guessed it – Stage Stores, Inc. in the early 1990s. Bealls sells the same top-quality goods that people expect from Stage Stores Inc., offering desirable brands to their consumers in all varieties of retail from apparel to housewares.

Peebles. In 1891, W.S. Peebles Sr. opened the first Peebles department store in Lawrenceville, VA. From the first day, Peebles set himself apart from his competitors by offering incredible personalized service. In those days, Peebles sold everything from fine apparel to farm implements. As the store grew more and more prosperous, Peebles began to expand, opening two more stores as his sons joined the business in the 1930s. Even during the depression, Peebles maintained their superior customer service reputation by always helping their consumers and being there for them. Stage Stores Inc. bought the Peebles stores and name in 2003. Today, though their philosophy remains the same, their reach has extended through the eastern and upper-Midwestern states, maintaining a chain of over 200 stores that specialize in brand name men’s under-apparel, accessories, and other consumer goods.

Goody’s. Founded in 1953 by M.D. Goodfriend, Goody’s originally opened as a store that sold irregular, previous-year merchandise. The business did well, but in 1979, Bob Goodfriend became President of the company and changed their goods from closeout items to high-quality, more current merchandise. Sales took off, and the by 1998, Goody’s recorded $1 billion in annual sales, with their 300th store opening the following year. Unfortunately, business didn’t last, and in 2008, Goody’s filed for bankruptcy. This happened a second time in January of 2009. Later that year, Stage Stores Inc. bought Goody’s name and began to re-open several closed stores, sending the chain back into business. Seventeen new stores were opened in 2010. Goody’s carries several brands exclusive to their stores and has their own private-label clothing line.

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